About Us

We are a three generations old company engaged in the manufacture of the finest Indian spices. We are committed to delivering the purest and freshest spices by maintaining the highest standards of quality in our sourcing and manufacturing processes.

Our spices are sourced from renowned Indian Spice centers like Salem (Tamil Nadu), Alleppey (Kerela) and Rajasthan where they are naturally grown, and no artificial colors or preservatives are added to them, which ensures that the spices retain their natural aroma and flavor. We have a special range of spices and herbs for Indian, Continental, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish cuisine.

Quality is the prime concern at Roopak’s Pik-N-Pay and runs like a lifeline through the entire range of our operations, from sourcing and manufacturing to packaging and distribution.
The said brand is renowned world over and enjoys a proprietary status in the market. Our products do not find comparisons in terms of quality and authenticity. Roopak’s Pik-N-Pay spices are created to impart an authentic flavor and rich aroma to food. The said brand has been tasted and enjoyed by connoisseurs around the world and comes with a ‘no compromise in the quality under any circumstances’ assurance.

We are committed to the manufacturing of the highest quality spices and masala’s and maintain the highest service levels in the industry.